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Charlotte Sometimes

Writer-director Eric Byler has put together a quaint provocative gem that packs an emotional wallop. In the intriguing character study drama Charlotte Sometimes, Byler meticulously explores the dynamic intimacies of four intertwining relationships while serving up a first rate narrative. Fittingly probing, sensual, mysterious and raw, Charlotte Sometimes exudes passion and surprisingly is subtle in […]

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What is an– Actors’ Director?

A director who loves actors? Well, … that, too… Without thinking about it a whole lot; I’d say, it’s a director who is one or a combination of this list… Makes the acting performances the priority, sometimes above their other directorial tasks  Respects acting as an art form Has a passion for acting; loves and […]

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There should be a name for the spooky phenomenon that occurs after staring at a doll’s face for several minutes. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? After a while, you half-expect the lifeless face to blink, twitch, or otherwise move. What do we call it Dead Silence since it’s so downright disturbing? Ah, […]

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