Online Film Editing

Once you have completed your mix, deliver your camera original negative and your cut workprint to a negative cutter. Leave this important step to a pro. Any mistakes here will alter your film forever. The negative cutter matches the workprint “final cut” to the camera original and precisely cuts your negative to match. The 16mm negative will be A/B rolled (checker boarded) to hide the splices and make dissolves possible.

Be sure to mark your workprint clearly and properly; showing fades and dissolves. It is important that you mark unintentional splices well. The negative cutter is only as good as your marks. If the cutter blows it, it’s likely due to poor marks.

Once the negative is cut into A/B Rolls send them with your Master Mix 1/4″ or Magstock with your color correction notes to the lab for your first trial composite answer print.

first trial composite answer print

The answer print is sometimes referred to as an A/B Answer Print. It is the lab timer’s first attempt (first trial) at combining the elements from the negative A/B rolls and sound mix into a single (composite) answer print. You will check this print for color corrections, how fades and dissolves look, and correct sound sync. Most answer prints will be about 95% right on.

After screening the answer print you will note any needed corrections and send these notes to the lab. They will be incorporated and a second answer print will be struck. The second answer print does not cost as much as the first.

A 16mm Optical Negative Track will be made from your Master Mix, which will print with the A/B Rolls while the lab is making your answer print. Be sure to budget for this, there is an additional charge.

If your film could be considered experimental (ie Color footage combined with black and white, or extremely short cuts, etc.) as opposed to a so-called “normal” film, additional printing rolls (“C” and “D” Rolls) will have to be prepared, which means there will be additional printing charges for answer prints.

Release Print

Release prints are the additional prints intended for release and screening made after your answer prints. The charge for these is substantially lower than answer prints because the time-consuming start and stop/ trial and error timing process is over and they can simply turn the machines on and let it run.

If you want to save time and also guarantee a professional result for your film, contact VFX LA.

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Senior Living Communities Make Convenient Living Arrangement

It is never too early to plan for the future; you don’t have to wait until there you are old and frail before making arrangements for your retirement. It is always good if you know almost all there is to know about the senior living communities; when you know the facilities that are handy for you there you can then decide the best senior living community that will suit you.


Senior Living Communities

Something you will observe in most of the senior living communities is that they are located mostly in warm regions. Another striking resemblance is the fact that they are all made up of apartments that constitute a multi family facilities. You find that the communities are either made of the independent ones or the assisted ones.


Not minding the one you choose, you will find living conditions that are very appropriate, healthy and comfortable for you. You find some senior living communities that have both the dependent and the independent staying there. The independent community is appropriate for you if you seek solitude and do not want much of interference from other people. This community is usually filled with individuals who do not require much medical attention. The senior citizens here are those who are not interested in having to tackle the hurdle that comes from taking care of their own home.


We find in the assisted senior living communities those who require a little nursing attention but not severe that they cannot handle the basic necessity of life on their own. In some situations if they can’t even do the basic necessities like showering, there are products like portable showers that can help the seniors. In this community you will find staffs that are available to help with the things that the residents of this community might find difficult in handling by themselves. All these assistance are rendered without the staff getting in the way of the residents. They try to give the resident as much independence as possible.


The primary aim of the senior living communities is to help the residents that live there live a life that is normal. They have made it handy with every necessary thing that will be required to make their life comfortable; all their basic needs are also met. There are various types of senior living communities available and if you have always dreamt of retiring and playing golf; you will find senior living communities that have golf included in the facilities they run.


When you are seeking, you will find communities that have all that you will need and sometimes you will find more than you bargained for. It is advisable that you choose a community before you have a need for it.


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Partner with Human Resources Outsourcing Services

With the countless options and competition that companies face nowadays, it is not difficult to consider outsourcing as a resort to remain competitive. As evident in the number of companies taking on this strategy, outsourcing is definitely the trend in the global business market. In fact, many services or processes are being accommodated by the outsourcing industry each day, including in the Human Resources industry. In essence, human resources outsourcing is the process by which a company finds a third-party firm that will take care of the human resources and related functions of the organization.


The human resources aspect has long been counted as one of the, if not the most, important lifeline of any company. It is undoubtedly one of the most tedious and essential parts of conducting business since the human resources group is also taken as an entry or exit point of the people constituting a business. But due to the emergence of human resources outsourcing services, much of the human resource department’s tasks can now be segmented, managed, and taken care of more efficiently and easily by third-party companies abroad.


Outsourcing firms are not exactly pioneers when it comes to handling human resource functions since some large companies want to have their human resource departments in-house and placed in one large area where the functions are further divided or shared by the operating or revenue-generating bodies of the company. However, Human Resources outsourcing services free companies from the various and often frustrating human resources and administrative issues. This gives a company the advantage to focus on the core aspects of their business that are geared towards an increased level of productivity and revenues.


Just as their labels indicate, human resources outsource firms provide a complete range of human resources services and programs. But unlike most of their traditional human resources counterparts, these outsourcing service providers have the flexibility that companies are looking for. In Human Resources outsourcing firms, programs and services can be customized to every client’s specifications, according to its respective place in the industry. These services include but are not limited to regular functions like organizational structure and development, talent acquisition, training and development, performance management, compensation and benefits administration, labor cost management, employee relations, and employee benefits programs.


Aside from the aforementioned functions, human resources outsourcing service providers may also prove to be beneficial in independently carrying out micro-tasks or seasonal human resources details. They may help in specific projects such as the implementation of the human resources information system, formulation of policies and procedures, development and implementation of compensation and benefits program, evaluation of employee performance, formulation of human resources action plan, and provision of given target training.


In performing these roles and responsibilities, human resources outsourcing service providers have access and can house a superior talent pool at a cost-effective rate. For example, for an outsourced business process, the human resources outsourcing firm is able to fill in the positions or vacancies needed for the operation of that particular business process by recruiting and training competent professionals. The direct link between the outsourcing firm and the hired people makes the entire outsourced operations easy to monitor, run, and support administratively.


Indeed, human resources outsourcing services work towards streamlining processes, maximizing manpower, and creating a strategy for employee resources, all the while maintaining transparency. Thus, it is no surprise that human resources outsourcing plays a vital role in the industry today. On the other hand, companies now have options when it comes to managing their human resources needs.


To get more information about HR outsourcing and remote offshore staff leasing, visit Solvo Global.


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How to find the right Financial Planner for you?

A financial planner plays an important role owing to the fact that he is the key individual who deals with the capital of a family, an organization or a business group.

Their role is of prime importance as they determine how a client would be able to reach the long-term financial goals through effective management of available resources. A good planner not only studies the current status of the client’s assets but scans the past history to suggest the precise steps that are needed to be taken so as to achieve the goals.


What differentiates a financial planner from financial advisors is the focus area; while financial advisors merely concentrate on only one aspect of a client’s financial life; financial planners have a more broad approach towards financial guidance. You can in certain ways describe them as jack of all trades. But you can’t expect them to be a one-man army. They prefer to take assistance needed in the form of getting details from the other advisors of the client including – attorneys, accountants, trust officers and investment bankers.The financial planner would never ever chalk out a plan that is out of synchronization with the investments that the client would have made already with the bankers.


It is a tough- duty profession, prone to stress and one that requires rigorous research. A planner’s role is no cake walk as he is actually dealing with other people’s money. The profession is very corporate and requires formulating all-inclusive financial plans. The way in which the planner usually crafts the plan is by the method of conducting questionnaires and personal interviews. These methods help in devising the details like financial objectives, the present income, the investment plans, tolerable risk levels, expenditures and other such financial agendas. The plan really needs to be sound because the client is in every way going to question the integrity of the plan. That is the reason why these plans require constant updates based upon the market trends.


Here is a small check-list, which if followed would aid in finding the right financial planner for you:

  1. Do not ever compromise on quality. When you are assigning a person the responsibility to deal with your hard-earned money, you ought to be judicious. Look for someone with rich experience and great track records.


  1. Make sure you hire a financial planner with whom you can communicate at ease and at different levels. You need to have a planner who can understand your financial needs in the best possible manner and can be available each time to answer when you have a question or a doubt.


  1. Choose a planner who values principles more than money. If you choose one who is ready to make you big money in small time but with unjustified risks, the trust levels are going to be hampered in the long run. Assure that you have a planner on similar pages with you.

The critical task of a financial planner is likely to be all the more justified if you are wise enough to invest time in selecting the right one. If you find you need assistance to do this, click here.

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Improving your Public Speaking Skills

I once shared with a wise guy my lofty ambition in life.

Idealistic me: I want to change the world! But where should I begin?

Wise person: It starts with yourself, my young Padawan.

This – my friends – is the first lesson I would like to share with you as well. Awareness (of self). The big “A”. The most important “A” I would say. And it is as applicable to life as it is to public speaking. Unsurprisingly, it has been emphasized through the history and mouths of numerous sages and normal people (like myself). Your ability to see yourself as how others see you increase your success in life and in this case, your public speaking skills.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. But the question is do you know ALL your strengths and weaknesses? Here’s how I look at it.

  1. A known weakness is useful as it gives you an opportunity to improve or compensate.
  2. An unknown strength goes unexploited is way too unfair to you and your audience. And it prevents you from taking your speech to another level (unless you prefer to be a mediocre speaker) And if so, I suggest you skip this blog.
  3. An unknown weakness (or a blindspot) can kill your audience’s interests immediately and trust me, you will feel like killing yourself too.

Yet most of the time, we just prefer to pride ourselves with our sweet sweet known strengths. Don’t you?

Until you know your own speaking capabilities, you will never be able to figure out how to improve. That explains why the billions of speaking resources out there aren’t exactly useful to you (I believe). It is like giving you access to a room full of world best armory without the knowledge of using them. The techniques great public speakers like Richard Jadick use may work for you, and may not. You have to adjust it to your reality.

Imagine yourself being lost. What will be the first question your friend will ask you when you ask for directions? That’s right – it is WHERE ARE YOU NOW? I can give you the most accurate compass and the most detailed map ever, but if you do not know where you are, you will NEVER figure out how to find your way. And the same goes for improving your public speaking skills. Know thyself – know what your strengths are and how they work for you. Know what your weaknesses are and how they work against you. Know what your audience likes and dislikes about your speech. That’s the starting point I invite you to take!


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Market yourself at the correct level!

When we look at the basic corporate structure we see a pyramid. The President, CEO or Chairman of the board usually at the top; there is only one at the peak of the pyramid. Below there are VPs, directors, managers, logistics services, supervisors and workers. At each level there are generally more of each, so that the structure looks like a pyramid.

However, when we look at the scope of responsibilities we find that the opposite is true. The President has the most responsibility (for the entire company). The workers have the least (usually only one task). The pyramid is therefore reversed.

When a job seeker looks at the “corporate pyramid” he may see more opportunities for employment if he lowers his expectations (level) because of the increased quantity of positions. This approach is doomed to failure! The job seeker is now marketing their skills and abilities at a level where they will not be recognized. There may be more jobs in quantity but they have less scope of responsibility and will be more specific and single task oriented. The job seeker will be seen as “over qualified” and will be competing with more individuals and younger individuals.

The proper approach is to market your total capabilities to the right level of responsibility. There may be fewer positions in number but they will be a better fit.

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Where’s the Real Risk?

As dot-com has metamorphosed into “dot-gone,” marketers and media planners worldwide have been reducing the portion of their budgets invested in “alternative” media in favor of “safe” media arrangements.

In Northern Europe alone, the top 100 brands have moved expenditure away from online media and increased their investments in television advertising by 60 percent. The reasoning expressed by most marketers is that stronger branding is achieved via traditional media, such as television. But perhaps the whole story — the complete and honest reason why we are seeing marketers move their branding initiatives away from online channels to broadcast media — is that using online media is perceived by brand builders as being unfashionable and, generally, risky. Most marketers are no longer prepared to undertake dangerous strategies.

I’m not writing this article to express any opinion about whether it’s right to select media channels based on assumptions about how comparatively safe they are. I’m writing to promote a consideration of all the facts.

For example, did you know that online media costs have, in most countries, decreased by more than 50 percent since this time last year? Did you know that, at the same time, the click-through rate has increased in most countries? Did you realize that there’s no clear sign that people are using the Internet less now than they did last year, and that the contrary may actually be the case? In fact, recent world events have increased global Internet usage substantially faster than anticipated.

The reality is that if you want to do a good deal, you’ll do it online. I’m not saying that old media should be deleted from your media plans — far from it. But I am saying that you’re likely to get a good deal if combining on- and offline media is appropriate for your brand’s marketing plan. And here’s why:

  • Because the number of online advertisers has decreased dramatically, you’re likely to achieve better online visibility than in the past. There is simply less noise out there.
  • The online media picture has been significantly cleaned up since last year. There are fewer portals fighting for the same consumer and advertiser attention, making it easier for you to reach your audience than it would have been last year.
  • The costs of online advertising have decreased greatly. Not only can you now forge a good online deal, you can often make an even better deal that combines on- and offline channels and gives you free online space.
  • Last but not least, users haven’t left the Internet at all. Net usage is still growing. Usage isn’t rising at the same speed as it was, but nowhere in the world has there been a report of a decrease in Internet access and usage. All figures report growth.

So, if your media plan included the Internet last year, there’s absolutely no reason why it shouldn’t do so this year. That is, unless you believe that playing it safe means playing according to some popular perception rather than in response to clear reality. If you want to know more about online marketing and branding, check SMA for great advices.

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Sales videos promote more than just a product

Promote your strengths

You’re in a highly competitive industry, so show your clients what makes you better than your competitors. Promote the expertise of your staff, show your state-of-the-art factory in action or your professional staff in a working environment. Paint a picture of those indefinable qualities that make your company unique.


Unique Presentations

You need to do a sales presentation and you want to stand out from the competition. Play your corporate video (or edited highlights) within your PowerPoint presentation. Playing your marketing video at the start of a sales presentation is a great way to introduce you and your company. Grabbing their attention with interesting vision and upbeat music can make your audience feel more positive, even before you’ve spoken a word.


Trade Shows/Exhibitions

If you’re exhibiting at trade shows you need to stand out from the crowd. A DVD player and flat screen on your stand with your corporate video playing on a loop is an easy way to get your message across. It’s easy to approach passers-by and engage them if they’ve already stopped to watch your video.


Increasing Export Sales

Travelling overseas to market your products or services to international buyers is risky business. Not just for your company, but also for your prospects. Can they really trust you when you tell them how large and reputable your business is and that you have the right quality procedures in place? How can they get a real feel for your company that is located thousands of miles away? Presenting your location, factory or office, production process and your dedicated staff at work is highly regarded by international buyers. It provides an extra look and feel about your company that is often lacking from brochures and photos. A concise marketing video that gives an interesting overview of your company is a proven method to increasing international sales.


Showing your Product or Service in Action

Sometimes you cannot actually demonstrate your product or service to a client because it is too large to carry around or it’s located on the other side of the world. New products or services that are suitable for use in a range of different scenarios are also difficult to demonstrate. A marketing video that can exhibit how your product works, and under what circumstances, is a great way for prospects to understand what you are trying to sell.


Your Production Process

Showing your product being made in a manner that is different from your competitors gives you a distinct competitive advantage. To do your company justice, showcasing your production process is an extremely important message to convey.



There’s nothing more potent than having your customers endorse your products and services to camera. Written testimonials just don’t make the same impact. Having a real client talking about you on camera is like having that person tell your prospects face-to-face about how highly they think of you. When done correctly, this is an extremely effective way to promote your business.

All videos can be authored to DVD, encoded as podcasts or streamed from your website. If you want to really invest in this marketing strategy, add a professional touch to your video with VFX LA’s help.

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Santa Barbara Museums

Santa Barbara, California

Great museums in Santa Barbara make a vacation there even better.

Santa Barbara, on California’s Central Coast, has long been known for its natural attractions. The majestic sweep of the Santa Ynez mountains, and the peaceful awe-inspiring beauty of the Pacific Ocean, both frame this perfect mid-sized town. As an elite tourist destination, Santa Barbara has much to offer as well. Chief among these attractions are the surprisingly high quality of Santa Barbara’s museums and exhibitions.

Here is a list and descriptions of my favorite Santa Barbara museums.

Santa Barbara Museum of Art

The Santa Barbara Museum of Art, at 1130 State Street. On permanent display is the SBMA’s permanent collection of antiquities. The antiquities include an impressive collection of marble Roman statues, Greco-Roman figural works, ancient bronzes and more, spanning from the 2nd century BC to the 19th century. There are also some fascinating Asian antiquities in the permanent collection, which range from Chinese ceramics circa 2500 BC through the early 20th century. European works include ongoing displays of original art by Matisse, Chagall, Picasso, Rodin and others. The Santa Barbara Museum of Art has revolving exhibitions of photography, such as California pictorialist photographs from photography’s early days. There are special programs and events for children.Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

The Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, at 2559 Puesta del Sol Road. It has always been SBMNH’s mission to promoting respect  for biological life and its natural environment. The museum includes a few separate buildings on the main campus and the Ty Warner Sea Center on the wharf. Walk down Stearns Wharf, a rustic styled and popular pier on Santa Barbara’s main beach: The Sea Center includes a well-maintained shark exhibit, as well as other aquariums containing local marine life. The main museum has many nicely designed exhibits that focus on local natural history, geology, paleontology, and a Lizard Lounge (live reptiles and amphibians, oh my!) which is popular with kids. The SB Museum of Natural History also has a very large and detailed collection of Chumash Indian artifacts, second only to the Smithsonian in size and breadth. The Gladwin Planetarium is the only planetarium on California’s Central Coast to have live, multimedia shows.

The Karepeles Manuscript Library Museum, at 21 West Anapamu Street, is considered the “dean of Karpeles institutions.” Karpeles has several museums in a few states and is the world’s largest private collection of original historic documents, manuscripts, and maps. On permanent display at the Santa Barbara Karpeles Museum, is an original Stone copy of the Declaration of Independence. There are thousands of historic documents here, and many full exhibits that are both ongoing and rotating. Past exhibits include documents, manuscripts and maps pertaining to the Civil War, Mark Twain, Amistad, Very Early Baseball, and Great Moments in Medical History.

There are other points of natural and historic interest in Santa Barbara, including the nearby Railroad Museum and the Santa Barbara Historical Society Museum. The next time your travel plans include a vacation in Santa Barbara, be sure to check out at least one of these unique and special museums.

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The Masters of Grace, Poise

After 60 years of teaching aikido and etiquette in Old Town, Ken and Miye Ota are in a class all by themselves

Kenji Ota estimates he’s taught over a million students how to ballroom dance over the last 40 years as a teacher at UCSB. And that’s not including the students he’s taught for decades at his ballroom dancing school, the Cultural School, in Old Town.

The Cultural School, which teaches Aikido, Judo, ballroom dancing and etiquette, is owned and run by Kenji (who goes by Ken) and his wife, Miye Ota.

Even at 85, Ken is still teaching at UCSB, and a new generation of students is learning to brave social situations.

At Robertson Gym on weekdays, he’s usually in front of dozens of students, showing them the rhumba or the foxtrot. He yells to a group of girls hiding in the far corner of the gym and tells them to find a dance partner, admonishing them to be confident, telling them these are “life skills.”

He’s an intimidating force sometimes, but it’s easy to see they adore him and all say they enjoy his classes.

Back at the Cultural School, Aikido and ballroom dancing may seem an odd combination but after closer examination, they’re a lot more similar than they appear.

“Aikido is a martial art with class,” Miye says. And after looking at old pictures of Miye and Ken dancing in exhibitions, they’ve got class to spare.

The self-control of Aikido and the manners and protocol of ballroom dancing are interlinked in the studio classes for children and teens.

“It’s more powerful to be soft,” she said. “Here, they learn how to be friendly without being aggressive.”

At the etiquette class, Miye teaches things like a proper handshake, introductions and table manners, essential things that many children miss out on learning. If an etiquette class seems like a dated concept, Miye says that doesn’t stop people from coming far and wide for the classes.

“Even now we’re in demand,” she says. “Wherever our kids go they have poise.”

One of the top-ranked amateur ballroom dancers in the country, Porfirio Landeros, trained at the school. Landeros began taking aikido at the school as a 13-year-old and eventually started dancing as well. He was one of the hundred or so guests who came to Miye’s 90th birthday party recently.

Despite of their age, the pair show no signs of slowing down and have no trouble recounting their story.

They met at a World War II internment camp at Gila River in Arizona, where they lived for two years. After enduring the hardship there, they relocated to Philadelphia, where Ken found a factory job and Miye opened her own hair salon. They decided to move back to California and settled in Goleta.

The building that holds the Cultural School and the couple’s apartment was built by Ken and Miye’s brothers in 1948, and they’ve been there ever since.

Miye’s personal motto can be summed up simply: “The mind is stronger than the body.” It’s one of her secrets of a long life. Choosing to stay positive instead of dwelling on hardship makes for a longer, happier life, she says.

And the Otas have seen their share of hardship. During their stay at the internment camp, Miye’s father died and three of her brothers left to fight for the Allies. After Gila River, they dealt with the racism of a post-war United States. More recently, Ken has had his share of health issues and heart surgery.

“We don’t dwell on the bad things,” she says, lowering her voice, summing up the mission of the school as well as the Ota’s personal mantra. Their ability to transcend circumstances with grace, poise and manners is what has kept decades of students flocking back to the classes.

Miye says that each of her students has a different story to tell. Kids who were on the brink of suicide. Undisciplined children looking for family. Miye says they’ve seen it all.

Her remedy?

These days, she says, people don’t have fun.

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