How to find the right Financial Planner for you?

A financial planner plays an important role owing to the fact that he is the key individual who deals with the capital of a family, an organization or a business group.

Their role is of prime importance as they determine how a client would be able to reach the long-term financial goals through effective management of available resources. A good planner not only studies the current status of the client’s assets but scans the past history to suggest the precise steps that are needed to be taken so as to achieve the goals.


What differentiates a financial planner from financial advisors is the focus area; while financial advisors merely concentrate on only one aspect of a client’s financial life; financial planners have a more broad approach towards financial guidance. You can in certain ways describe them as jack of all trades. But you can’t expect them to be a one-man army. They prefer to take assistance needed in the form of getting details from the other advisors of the client including – attorneys, accountants, trust officers and investment bankers.The financial planner would never ever chalk out a plan that is out of synchronization with the investments that the client would have made already with the bankers.


It is a tough- duty profession, prone to stress and one that requires rigorous research. A planner’s role is no cake walk as he is actually dealing with other people’s money. The profession is very corporate and requires formulating all-inclusive financial plans. The way in which the planner usually crafts the plan is by the method of conducting questionnaires and personal interviews. These methods help in devising the details like financial objectives, the present income, the investment plans, tolerable risk levels, expenditures and other such financial agendas. The plan really needs to be sound because the client is in every way going to question the integrity of the plan. That is the reason why these plans require constant updates based upon the market trends.


Here is a small check-list, which if followed would aid in finding the right financial planner for you:

  1. Do not ever compromise on quality. When you are assigning a person the responsibility to deal with your hard-earned money, you ought to be judicious. Look for someone with rich experience and great track records.


  1. Make sure you hire a financial planner with whom you can communicate at ease and at different levels. You need to have a planner who can understand your financial needs in the best possible manner and can be available each time to answer when you have a question or a doubt.


  1. Choose a planner who values principles more than money. If you choose one who is ready to make you big money in small time but with unjustified risks, the trust levels are going to be hampered in the long run. Assure that you have a planner on similar pages with you.

The critical task of a financial planner is likely to be all the more justified if you are wise enough to invest time in selecting the right one. If you find you need assistance to do this, click here.

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