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Charlotte Sometimes

Writer-director Eric Byler has put together a quaint provocative gem that packs an emotional wallop. In the intriguing character study drama Charlotte Sometimes, Byler meticulously explores the dynamic intimacies of four intertwining relationships while serving up a first rate narrative. Fittingly probing, sensual, mysterious and raw, Charlotte Sometimes exudes passion and surprisingly is subtle in […]

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What is an– Actors’ Director?

A director who loves actors? Well, … that, too… Without thinking about it a whole lot; I’d say, it’s a director who is one or a combination of this list… Makes the acting performances the priority, sometimes above their other directorial tasks  Respects acting as an art form Has a passion for acting; loves and […]

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There should be a name for the spooky phenomenon that occurs after staring at a doll’s face for several minutes. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? After a while, you half-expect the lifeless face to blink, twitch, or otherwise move. What do we call it Dead Silence since it’s so downright disturbing? Ah, […]

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Online Film Editing

Once you have completed your mix, deliver your camera original negative and your cut workprint to a negative cutter. Leave this important step to a pro. Any mistakes here will alter your film forever. The negative cutter matches the workprint “final cut” to the camera original and precisely cuts your negative to match. The 16mm […]

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Partner with Human Resources Outsourcing Services

With the countless options and competition that companies face nowadays, it is not difficult to consider outsourcing as a resort to remain competitive. As evident in the number of companies taking on this strategy, outsourcing is definitely the trend in the global business market. In fact, many services or processes are being accommodated by the […]

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How to find the right Financial Planner for you?

A financial planner plays an important role owing to the fact that he is the key individual who deals with the capital of a family, an organization or a business group. Their role is of prime importance as they determine how a client would be able to reach the long-term financial goals through effective management […]

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Improving your Public Speaking Skills

I once shared with a wise guy my lofty ambition in life. Idealistic me: I want to change the world! But where should I begin? Wise person: It starts with yourself, my young Padawan. This – my friends – is the first lesson I would like to share with you as well. Awareness (of self). […]

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Market yourself at the correct level!

When we look at the basic corporate structure we see a pyramid. The President, CEO or Chairman of the board usually at the top; there is only one at the peak of the pyramid. Below there are VPs, directors, managers, logistics services, supervisors and workers. At each level there are generally more of each, so […]

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Where’s the Real Risk?

As dot-com has metamorphosed into “dot-gone,” marketers and media planners worldwide have been reducing the portion of their budgets invested in “alternative” media in favor of “safe” media arrangements. In Northern Europe alone, the top 100 brands have moved expenditure away from online media and increased their investments in television advertising by 60 percent. The […]

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