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Coast is Not Clear, Say Environmentalists

“Disappointed but not surprised” was the general sentiment voiced by the several speakers in a press conference last Friday at Haskell’s beach. The speakers had gathered to express their dissatisfaction with the Department of the Interior’s decision not to grant the Gaviota Coast federal protection. “The fact that the Bush administration has ignored us is […]

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Fairview Gardens Thrown a Lifeline

City Council votes to give farm a year to correct code violations, replace housing for workers For Javier Gomez Ochoa, farming isn’t a 9-5 job, it’s a lifestyle. He’s been a farmer at Fairview Gardens for 23 years, and lives with his family on the farm’s property, among the plants and trees he tends with […]

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UCSB Hunger Strikers Take Case to Regents

Hunger striking UCSB students went to the UC Regents meeting in San Francisco on Thursday to protest the UC system’s involvement in nuclear weapons labs. “We remain committed to withholding solid food until the regents retract their management of the weapons labs,” said Ellen McClure, a second-year UCSB student and hunger striker. “We are greatly […]

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