Market yourself at the correct level!

When we look at the basic corporate structure we see a pyramid. The President, CEO or Chairman of the board usually at the top; there is only one at the peak of the pyramid. Below there are VPs, directors, managers, logistics services, supervisors and workers. At each level there are generally more of each, so that the structure looks like a pyramid.

However, when we look at the scope of responsibilities we find that the opposite is true. The President has the most responsibility (for the entire company). The workers have the least (usually only one task). The pyramid is therefore reversed.

When a job seeker looks at the “corporate pyramid” he may see more opportunities for employment if he lowers his expectations (level) because of the increased quantity of positions. This approach is doomed to failure! The job seeker is now marketing their skills and abilities at a level where they will not be recognized. There may be more jobs in quantity but they have less scope of responsibility and will be more specific and single task oriented. The job seeker will be seen as “over qualified” and will be competing with more individuals and younger individuals.

The proper approach is to market your total capabilities to the right level of responsibility. There may be fewer positions in number but they will be a better fit.

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